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About Redcoat Goats

The Farm is a 13 property on the Olympic Peninsula between Sequim and Port Angeles, with fine views of the Olympic Mountains to the South and the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island to our North…

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Buy Fresh Goats Milk

Ask for LOCAL Organic RAW Goats Milk. Available near you from these locations, fresh from our solar-power generating dairy!

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Goats For Sale

Throughout the year, we have kids and goats for sale! Contact us to inquire about buying goats.

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Organic RAW Goats Milk

By choosing to be Certified Organic, we are pledging visibility and integrity of our beliefs, and every part of our business is regulated and inspected by the WSDA Organic Program.

The standard, scope, and cost of organic farming requires a huge commitment to our goat dairy and is reflected in our pricing.

Where to Buy

Ready for some fresh, organic and locally made goats milk?

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