We Produce Organic RAW Goats Milk

It’s time for some nutritious Goats Milk!

Our Goat Business

Redcoat Goats LLC, Lords Lot Dairy Farm, Port Angeles is owned by British husband and wife team, Sandra & Stephen Wooff.

Our dairy herd consists mainly of 50+ La Mancha and La Mancha/Nigerian Dwarf crosses. We raise some of our kids to join the dairy herd, and the rest we sell. We also breed Boer crosses which are raised for meat. This makes an efficient use of our surplus kids which are not required for our dairy.

The Farm is a 13-acre property on the Olympic Peninsula between Sequim and Port Angeles, with fine views of The Olympic Mountains to the South and The Straits of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island to our North.

Each February our goats have their ‘kids’ and start producing milk. We offer our Organic Raw Wholesome Grade ‘A’ Goats’ Milk, available for you to purchase at your favorite local outlets and possibly in future at Farmers Markets. See our ‘where to buy‘ page.

We have chosen La Mancha goats for our dairy because we love the particularly affectionate character synonymous with the breed and the fantastic taste of their milk. La Manchas originate and have been developed in America. All our pure-bred La Manchas are registered with American Dairy Goat Association and we also have some ‘Mini-Mancha’ goats which are a cross between La Mancha and Nigerian Dwarf, a smaller ‘pet-sized’ goat with a higher butter-fat content in the milk, which adds to the flavor.

A Little About Us

We are Sandra and Steve Wooff, dairy farmers from the UK. Our background includes many years of experience on various British dairy farms, managing large herds, from 500+ mixed crossbred cows on a New Zealand organic grassland pasture system to a 1000+ goat dairy. We also kept a small herd of our own goats. Back in 2012 we came over to the US to ride our motorbikes from the East to West Coast on dirt roads, and have been returning ever since. We fell in love with the American countryside, country people with Christian values and the country lifestyle, and so decided to settle in the place, that after 3 years of visiting for months at a time, had started to feel like home – Sequim. So, we have brought with us our dairy and land management skills and invested in a future that supports our values.

We have started our farm from scratch on bare land, which has enabled us to design our own farm making use of the knowledge we have gained in 40 cumulative years of organic and conventional dairy farming.

We started our new life on The Peninsula December 2016, and are thankful for having so much help and encouragement from our friends, old and new, some of whom are fellow farmers who have shared their knowledge, mentored and supported us tirelessly.

We have been hugely influenced and nurtured by a loving community of Christians, and so have come to know the Lord. So many prayers throughout the start of our farm were answered. We feel he brought us here and is shaping our lives and dairy business. God is faithful!

Putting our trust in God has brought us untold blessings and rewards. Our hopes and aspirations, through all our trials and tribulations, rest in His grace. With thanks to Him, for the people He brought into our lives and for the place He brought us to. We strive to serve Him better, providing our local community with His own (nature’s) perfect superfood.

We are excited to be able to offer Organic Raw Wholesome Grade ‘A’ Goats’ Milk in our community. We will also have goats for sale as pets and family milkers.

Our Values

We endeavor to glorify God in all that we do, be the best stewards of His land and animals by using sustainable and organic practices and husbandry.

We strive to provide a quality, perfect food of the highest standard to our community.

With Thanks

We have been blessed with a local community and friends who have provided practical help and encouraging support – for that we are thankful. We are also indebted and proud to be associated with:

  • Jim Bower of Port Angeles
  • Bill Woodson of Port Townsend
  • Local Dollars of Sequim
  • Jeanine Cardiff of Port Angeles

We are very appreciative of these fellow farmers who have supported us with shared knowledge:

We hope you enjoy our Organic Raw Wholesome Grade ‘A’ Goats Milk!