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Our Choice of Goats and Goats Milk

The decision to farm goats came from the fun we had with goats on our own small-scale farmstead back in the UK, and it gave us a lot of pleasure knowing our goats individually. But working on a large scale goat dairy showed us that as the identity of individual goats gets lost, so does the magic.

Spending Spring of 2016 on a goat farm in Washington at kidding time, we found it to be an easier clean-up after milking, and an overall cleaner environment to work in than our past life with cows – that sealed it!

We were helping out on a dairy farm with the American breed La Mancha. At first, I found them strange to look at, with their tiny little ears, but we grew to love the character of the breed and now consider them more beautiful than all other goats. So the large percentage of our herd was purchased from that farm – we simply fell in love with them.

We love goats, and prefer drinking raw goats milk for its clean crisp taste and lower cholesterol (Steve had a high cholesterol count).

We could never find milk that is organic and raw in the same bottle. That became the natural driver for our new venture. We decided to start our own dairy farm to achieve this. Now we get to share this perfect product with you!

Goats milk is widely known as less allergenic and quicker and easier to digest than cow’s milk, not containing the complex proteins that stimulate an allergic reaction. It does not produce mucus and so does not suppress the immune system. Most lactose intolerant people have found they can tolerate goats milk and goats milk products.

Due to its digestion and respiratory qualities, it is an excellent nutritional choice.

We believe strongly in raw milk, and the benefits of this natural, unprocessed ‘perfect’ food. There are enzymes present in raw milk which contribute towards its digestibility which are destroyed by heat processing. For 30 years, we have striven to source readily available raw milk. We even avoided dairy milk altogether when the only option was processed and turned to drinking plant based milk. The only way forward for us is to offer whole, organic, raw goats milk, until such a time we may wish to develop new products from our milk, which under USDA regulations has to be pasteurized.

Raw goats milk is naturally more homogenized. It is the only milk that can be used to raise any mammal from birth.

We are also enthusiasts of organic, and for ourselves try to source our own food organically as much as possible. The reason we were drawn to settle in the area of Sequim, Washington, is because of the fabulous availability of all things organic, and a community who are passionate about natural foods. The only way for us to farm therefore, is organically, and so we began by planting organic seed on our property of un-managed, harvested timber land (i.e. organic). We have farmed organically since we came to Lemmon Road with our goats, and have achieved USDA Organic Certification.

Many companies claim “natural” products. Some genuine, but what is “produced by nature” is open to a wide interpretation.

By choosing to be Certified Organic, we are pledging visibility and integrity of our beliefs, and every part of our business is regulated and inspected by the WSDA Organic Program.

The standard, scope, and cost of organic farming requires a huge commitment to our goat dairy and is reflected in our pricing.

It cannot be said that there is absolutely no risk with drinking raw milk, and so WSDA govern and regulate very strictly farms which produce and sell raw milk, and apply a government warning on all bottles of raw milk for sale.

USDA Grade A licensing certifies that our milk handling is in accordance with their procedures for collection and sale of raw milk.

We are also required to test our animals with a registered veterinarian to certify that they are free from Tuberculosis and Brucellosis, which are considered milk-borne diseases that first gave cause to pasteurization of milk in the first place.

In July 2018, our goat dairy project attracted a government incentive program which assisted in our addition of 40 solar panels to our business!  Now you can purchase local, organic, raw goats milk from a solar-generating dairy!

Learn About Raw Goats Milk

It is, of course, a matter of personal choice whether raw goats milk is for you and your family. There are dozens of reports and websites on the internet which can help you to make your decision. I would not venture to supply all the research, findings, evidence and testimonies here. I only advise that you do your own research, and be assured of our commitment to clean, organic, raw goats milk of the highest quality.

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